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Key dates over June 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

21st June 1915 - Military pageant pulls the crowds in Worcester

Rolling casualty count: 1530

1st Batt: In Brigade Reserve billets along La Bassee road. 1 wounded (on working party); 2nd Batt: In billets at Noyelles-Les-Vermelles. Very quiet – men employed making shelters; 3rd Batt: In trenches S. of Hooghe; Royal Field Artillery: Petit Pont: 2nd Battery relieved in position by B battery 64th Brigade and marched to billets at La Creche.

Effective Demonstration in Worcester: Remarkable interest was displayed in the military and naval pageant which took place in the city on Saturday. It was inspired by Capt. Green, the Recruiting Organiser, for the county. Its avowed purpose was to show citizens what Worcestershire is doing by way of providing soldiers and war workers of all kinds; but the astute Recruiting Organiser no doubt had more than half an eye on its possibilities as a recruiting appeal…A number of waggons and lorries were taken to the Courtyard of the Shirehall and these were decorated with flags and bunting, and mottoes suitable to the tableau which each was to bear. Some of the lettering was original. “ A few pellets for the Kaiser, and made of the right stuff too,” “Single men, why the -----don’t you enlist!” Perhaps the most effective pictorial effort was a large banner on which the Devil was seen making a profound bow before the Kaiser and hailing him as “Master.”…the 11th tableau consisted of two brake loads of children, whose fathers and brother had enlisted, and they bore placards bearing the words “My Daddy’s gone; has yours?” Between the tableaux came companies of the Worcester Volunteer Regiment, of Boy Scouts, and of Church Lads’ Brigade…Thousands of people assembled along the route, and at several points the ordinary traffic had to be held up...When the procession dispersed the children were provided with bags of oranges, sweets, and buns;

Motor-Car Accident in the Foregate: William Thomas , a stoker, of 35 York Place, was riding a bicycle along Foregate Street, in the direction of the Tything, when a motor-car, driven by Leslie George Drury, of the Newlands, New Road, Bromsgrove, going in the same direction, ran into him from behind. Mr. Thomas was knocked down and his bicycle was smashed, and the moto-car, according to the police report, carried Mr. Thomas in front of the car for about 28 yards, and eventually the near front wheel of the car passed over his body. Both Mr. Thomas and the bicycle were pinned beneath the car, which had to be lifted. Mr. Thomas was taken to the Infirmary, and was there said to be suffering from serious internal injuries and broken ribs. This afternoon, Mr. Thomas was reported to be rather better.

Information researched by Sue Redding