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Key dates over June 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

2nd June 1915 - Glove manufacturer's leather consignment torpedoed

Rolling casualty count: 1314

1st Batt: In trenches, 3 wounded; 2nd Batt: Battalion in billets at Mazingarbe; 3rd Batt: In Trenches E. Vierstraat, relieved at night by 5th Br. Sherwood Foresters and went into billets at Dickebusch; Royal Field Artillery: Petit Pont: Nothing to report. Weather fine. Wind NE. One horse destroyed.

Marine Insurance: A short time ago Messrs. Watkins and Sayce were favoured with instructions from Messrs. A.L. Thomas, Ltd., glove manufacturers, of this city, to arrange an insurance on a consignment of leather skins from France. Within a week the same were shipped on SS Vosges, which was torpedoed and sunk in the English Channel, after and exciting chase by an enemy submarine. The claim of nearly £3,000 has been duly discharged

Brisk Recruiting: The week ending June 2nd was the best for some time in local Territorial recruiting, 182 men being enrolled in the various Worcestershire units. The details were: Artillery 64, Yeomanry 56, 7th Battalion 25, 8th Battalion 37. A few more recruits are needed in each of these units

The fact announced to the City Council, yesterday that 22 members of the Police Force desire to enlist in the Army for the period of the war will help to reconcile ratepayers to the weekly war bonuses granted to the force, especially if, as was intimated, the work can be covered without appointment of additional constables. It was stated that the whole of the 22 could not be spared, and the single men, numbering 12, will presumably be those to go. The arrangement to make up their pay is in accordance with what has been done in other departments in the city, and in the case of police in other parts of the country, and there will be little objection to that, or the war bonus, if the places of the men need not be filled during their absence. If necessary, no doubt there are many citizens who would volunteer for some service as special constables;

Birdport Improvement: The Streets Committee recommended: “That the Council be recommended to agree to purchase from Miss Florence E. Dunn her property in Copenhagen Street and Birdport, extending from Copenhagen Street to the Council’s surplus land in Birdport, at £300; that the question of taking down the houses on the property purchased be postponed for future consideration;”

War bonus for electricity workers: The Electricity Committee reaffirmed their recommendation of war bonuses of 2s. 6d. per week to 14 members of the staff, and 2s. weekly to 21 workmen. ..Mr. Sharpe asked why a bonus of 2s. should be given to the labourers and one of 2s. 6d. to the member staff. Both classes had to bear the increase in the cost of living…Mr. Sharpe moved that the bonus be 2s. 6d. for all the men, and the mover and seconder of the motion accepted this and it was carried.

Information researched by Sue Redding