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Key dates over January 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

24th January 1915 - Action of the Dogger Bank. Encounter between British and German battlecruisers in the North Sea.

Rolling casualty count: 608

1st Batt: ‘B’ Lines: More sniping than usual. Orders received that no men were to be brought out of the trenches during the day; 2nd Batt: All quiet very little shelling; 3rd Batt: Relieved by Scots Fusrs and Liverpool Scottish, marched to billets at Locre.

Pershore Man’s Experiences: Mrs Mitchell, of Southern House, Broad Street, Pershore, has heard from her son, who is serving with the 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade. Speaking of the hardships experienced, he says that at the time of writing they were having a nice day after a long spell of bad weather. Since being out at the seat of war he has not had his clothes off or even a chance to get a wash. They cannot even wash anything, as there is no chance to dry them. He is suffering from rheumatism owing to the wet and mud. The men are being supplied with 2 ounces of tobacco each week, but they cannot get any cigarettes;

The annual meeting of the Worcestershire Bee-Keepers Association was held this afternoon. The report stated that on the whole the apiaries had prospered, and the season gave far above the average crop of honey where the stocks were in a condition to gather it. The quality was satisfactory. Mr CH Haynes, one of the founders of the Association in 1882, hoped to present a challenge cup for competition at the annual show. The statement of accounts showed a balance in hand of £5 13s 8d. Hon. Canon Coventry was re-elected President;

No Orders for the Movement of Local Troops: It was rumoured in the city last night that the Reserve units of Territorials stationed in Worcester would leave the city on Tuesday. Cptn Vigors (Garrison Adjutant) stated this morning that he had received no order. The units have to hold themselves in readiness, but no orders have yet been received. The Marquis of Salisbury, the GOC of the South Midland (Reserve), which includes the 7th and 8th (Reserve) Battalions of the Worcs Regt, and the 2nd South Midland (Reserve) Brigade, RFA, had expressed the hope to get the men at their new station in the Eastern counties as soon as possible.

Information researched by Sue Redding