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Key dates over January 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

26th January 1915 - Could cannonades heard in Colwall come from the Bristol Channel?

Rolling casualty count: 616

1st Batt: ‘B’ Lines: Trenches for second day. No unusual occurences, companies engaged in consolidating breastworks and endeavouring to dig their trenches; 2nd Batt: Enemy very active with their shelling, making it very hot for Battalion HQ who had to move out until after dark; 3rd Batt: In billets at Locre.

Sounds of Cannonading at Colwall: Sir, - Yesterday (Sunday) morning, sounds of cannonading were heard distinctly by Mr. T. Wall, Evendine, at about ten o’clock. They lasted for about 10 minutes. The sounds were also heard at the same time quite distinctly at Brockbury Hall, near Colwall Green. They seemed to come from the direction of the Bristol Channel. This was at the time that great naval battle was being fought in the North Sea. I merely point this out as a coincidence, as the sounds heard came from the opposite land direction. Can any one of your numerous readers throw any light on the matter? A. T. Waters, Colwall Green.

The Women’s Volunteer Reserve Corps is going strong, and numerous recruits attend the drills. One imagines some embarrassing moments for the mere male instructor. When, for instance, force of habit leads him to shout “On the command ‘shun!’ bring both hands smartly to the sides, fingers partly closed, lightly touching the hips, thumbs in line with the seams…...!”

Though he had had a hard day’s work, Mr Willis Bund was good enough to act as substitute for the absent lecturer at the Victoria Institute on Saturday evening, and he was not too fagged to be facetious. When he showed a photograph of Bruges, sleepy and picturesque, the audience was inclined to feel sentimental, and to contrast the view with a mental picture of present destination, Mr Bund destroyed all sentiment by remarking: “Yes, the canal looks very pretty, but” (with a significant sniff) “Worcester City Sewerage Works aren’t in it!”

Information researched by Sue Redding