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Key dates over October 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 6

13th October 1915 - Powick - Worcester Road needs repair

Rolling casualty count: 2488

Battalion bombers sent to assist the big attack at the front of Hohenzollern Redoubt. Two leaders lost 2/Lieut E P Lester and Sergt. A Maund.

Macadamised road Complaints at Powick Parish council.

A motion was bought forward…calling attention to the state of the road between Powick and Worcester, and to the number of accidents that had occurred on it during the past three months.

City Education.

Facilitating enlistment.

A Worcester newsagent would leave his business to his mother and enlist if she could have the assistance of schoolboys to deliver newspapers in the morning. When the papers were late they would not get to school until 9.30…it was a perfectly genuine case….it is opening a very big door…it was decided to give permission in the newsagent's case, provided he was accepted by the military authorities

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