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Key dates over October 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 4

2nd October 1915 - New school in Stanley Road opens

Rolling casualty count: 2448

At 2pm the 2nd Worcestershire rejoined the 5th Brigade and at 8pm the Brigade moved forward to relieve the 21st Brigade astride the Vermelles-Hulluch road. A wild night of wind, rain and heavy fighting the artillery on both sides bombarded the area with crashes of shells and bursting bombs.

New city school opened by the mayoress. A well arranged and finely equipped building. Stanley road, at a cost of over £10,000 (exclusive of the cost of the site) .will accommodate 705 children

Worcester's appeal for men.Today's imperative call. The national recruiting rally. Recruits, which are so badly cannot be stronger than in Worcester and district to give to the army as a whole... The Worcestershires, whose regiment, according to the most competent judges, saved the situation at the first great battle of Ypres, and later earned undying fame in the historic landing at the shell -swept shores of Gallipoli.

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