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Key dates over October 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

28th October 1915 - 1st Corps were reviewed by His Majesty The King at Hesdigneul: King's horse slips and falls


Rolling casualty count: 2517

On the front:

1st Corps were reviewed by His Majesty The King at Hesdigneul. 2nd Worcestershire one of the three battalions chosen to represent the 2nd Division. His Majesty received with a Royal Salute and rode along the line, closely inspecting the troops. In pouring rain the battalions marched to billets. As the Battalion moved off the Kings' horse slipped and fell, and His Majesty was injured, though not seriously and was treated by the Battalion Medical Officer

On the Home Front:

Concert at Croome Court. Effort for Red Cross Funds. A concert was held at Croome Court on Tuesday afternoon. The need of large resources being made available for the Red Cross Society is demonstrated daily and the public response to the appeals is an indication of indebtedness to the soldiers. The concert held at Croome Court proved eminently successful and raised £150.

RAMC entertained at Malvern. On Tuesday evening the officer's, N.C.O.'s and mend of the 3/2nd South Midland Field Ambulance who had been for some months encamped at Malven, were given a farewell tea by Miss H Edwards at Stonycroft, the Wyche who presented each man a pocket Testament and a copy of the psalms. After the tea there was a concert of pianoforte solos and songs

International news:

Nurse Cavell: Italian and Belgian sympathy. In an interview with a correspondent of the "Petit Journal", at Havre, M. Carton de Wiart declared that the Belgian Government desired to associate itself with worldwide sorrow inspired by the murder of Miss Cavell whom he knew personally as a woman of rare intelligence and heart. Rome, Thursday - The Deputy, Signor Altobelli, has submitted to the Chamber a resolution denouncing the execration of humanity the murderers of Miss Cavell.