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Key dates over May 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

1st May 1915 - Discussions for Coalition Government

It was recognized that the war needed much more careful organziation of all aspects of British life, so a coalition government with politicians from all parties was formed to handle the growing crisis in Britain.

Rolling casualty count: 1072

1st Batt: In billets Rue De Bruges, ‘D’ Coy rejoined battn.; 2nd Batt: In billets at Bethune;3rd Batt: In billets at Dickebush.

Berrows Journal reports a new Dardenelles Campaign

Infirmary: Week Ending May 1st:- Patients admitted 17, patients discharged 19, in the House, 1st Mary, 93 (including 21 wounded soldiers); Preparations for Worcester Show: The preparations for the Bath and West Show, which will be held at Perdiswell on May 20, 21, 22, 24, and 25, are well advanced, and if the weather is fine there is every prospect of the Show being a success in every way. No comparative table of entries is yet available, but it has already been stated that they are as numerous as last year when the Show was held at Swansea. Some sections are even better filled than they were then. The number of horses entered is greater; last year the figure was 309 of all kinds. The exhibits of cattle, which include all breeds, will nearly reach the figure of last year, 434. There is an increase of sheep, and the pigs are almost exactly as many as last year... Mr. Ayre has superintended this work for five years and has a number of men who are employed each year, and a number of local men are engaged also. The only difficulty experienced so far has been in getting sleepers for a sleeper road for the traction engines and heavy machinery. The Army authorities have required so many of these, that it has been impossible for the Society to get a supply so far. Already a large part of the shedding has been erected, but the canvas covering has not been put on. There will be 90 compartments (against 108 last year) for machinery in motion; 2,565 feet of shedding (against 3,015 last year) for agricultural implements, carriages, waggons etc., and a number of local firms have taken stands in this department of the show. There are besides 1,051 feet of shedding (as against 1,101) for seeds, manures, etc.,; Four Ale Wanted: Pte. A. Hunt of the A.S.C. West Riding Divisional Ammunition Corps, writing from the front to Mr. H. Eaton, 15, Lower Chestnut Street, Worcester, says: “We have some fine times here and just do about what we like and go almost everywhere. We have some big wagons to drive. We are now at a town 14 miles from the big guns, and we have to supply our section with ammunitions. The town itself is a little place, and not much in it, and we have all our wagons lined up in the street. The people in the town have to go anywhere to give us room…We try every time we stop to get some beer, and when we do get it is the worst stuff you ever tasted.”; It is announced by the Admiralty that trade between England and Holland may be resumed, but that passenger traffic is not as yet permitted.;

Information researched by Sue Redding