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Key dates over May 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 1

25th May 1915 - Coalition government is formed by the British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith as tensions rise over his handling of the war.

Rolling casualty count: 1287

1st Batt: In billets; 2nd Batt: In billets at Ecquedecques, Training, re-equipping and re-clothing;3rd Batt: In billets at La Clytte and Dickebush;

Coalition government is formed by the British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith as tensions rise over his handling of the war. David Lloyd George, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, appointed Minister of Munitions to increase the production. Churchill resigns as First Lord of the Admiralty over disagreements with Lord Fisher and the Dardenelles Campaign: the new Cabinet has 12 Liberals, 8 Unionists, 1 Labour and Lord Kitchener.

Bath and West Show – Final Day: After the 25,000 crowd on Monday, it was not expected that there would be a large gathering today, and at 2 o’clock only 2,374 had paid for admission. This brought the total attendance for the five days of the Show to 32,000.…It has seldom been held amid more pleasanter surroundings, and in, at least one respect - the weather- it has been one of the two most favoured within the last 30 years. Only on one other occasion has the meeting been entirely uninterrupted by rain;

R.A.O. B. – Special interest attended the meeting of the “Sir Thomas Lawson” Lodge on Tuesday evening when the members honoured two brothers of the Order, Bro. H. Lawson and Bro. W. Pirr, who were raised to the Second Degree (Primoship)… The ceremony was admirably performed by the Provincial Grand Prim, W. Willmott, and at the conclusion each of the newly-raised Primos were inducted into the Royal chair;

Strange Suicide at Kidderminster, A Young Man’s Last Letter: M. Hibbert held an inquest at Kidderminster on Tuesday evening, on the body of Alfred Lucas (20). ..On Sunday morning he did not answer when called, and on witness bursting open his bedroom door he found deceased dead in bed. By the bedside were a letter and photograph and a bottle which had contained oxalic acid. The letter was as follows: “Dear Dad, Just one sorrowful line to wish you good-bye. By the time you receive this letter I shall be dead somewhere. This has been on my mind for a long, long time. I have tried hard to shake it off, but it keeps springing up against me as it has to be so. . Dear dad, what money I have you will find in my bedroom, £21 and a few odd shillings, and my bicycle in the shed. Dear dad, I have prayed nightly to God to bring Jack and Harry (his brothers) and my many friends back home safe. Dear dad, bury me anywhere and anyhow, and don’t wear black for me, as I want to be forgotten. There is no one at all to blame for this, as it has to be so. So I again say good-bye, good-bye. I am your broken-hearted son, Alf.”

Information researched by Sue Redding