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Key dates over April 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

3rd April 1915 - Wound makes a man see green

Rolling casualty count: 961

1st Batt: In billets on Rue Bataille. Brigade Route march; 2nd Batt: In billets at Essars;3rd Batt: In billets at Dickebush;

Worcester Theatre: At the Theatre Royal, twice each evening, the main attraction is Mr. J. Collins’ revue, “Wait and See,” which is described as a collection of comic incidents and up-to-date songs.

Worcester General Infirmary: Week ending 3rd April: Patients admitted, 17; patients discharged, 14; in the house 3rd April, 108, including 37 wounded soldiers;

South African Enthusiasm for the Worcesters: An interesting letter from Mr. J.T. Hadley, now of Johannesburg, who has for many years resided in South Africa. He was born at Worcester, under the shadow of the Cathedral. Mr. Hadley states that Worcester men in Cape Colony have been tremendously impressed by the glorious record of the “Worcesters” at Ypres;

Pte. J. Fudger, of 12, Charles Street, who has been at the front with the 3rd Worcestershires since September, says , in a letter to his father, “Pleased to say I am still alive, although not feeling very fit; getting a bit used up, sort of wearing out. Never mind, it can’t last much longer. We have to do our bit and grumble after;”

Wound makes a man see green: A very interesting case is reported of a soldier in an engagement being shot in the forehead, the bullet passing out of the back of his head without killing, or even stunning him. He remarked, “Everything seems green all around me,” and when in the hospital tent he still persisted that he saw everything green. This case appears to favour the cerebral theory of colour vision of Dr. Edridge Green, the shock to the brain having altered the discriminatory apparatus so that impulses caused by green rays had a preponderating influence.

Information researched by Sue Redding

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