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Key dates over April 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 0

14th April 1915 - Recent Recruiting Tour 'a dead letter'

Rolling casualty count: 974

1st Batt: In Section 6. Pte. Miller ‘D’ Coy killed in same place as 2/Lt Whittle. The place has been marked down by German sniper; 2nd Batt: In the trenches at Festubert. Usual amount of shelling. ‘B’ Coy relieved ‘A’ Coy in the breastworks. Village and road to breastworks shelled by night ;3rd Batt: In billets at La Clytte;

Recent Recruiting Tour: Major Garnett, who has been appointed to command the 3rd line Worcestershire 8th Battalion (the 2nd Reserves), has issued a report on the recent route marches which he commanded through the rural districts in Worcestershire: ”I cannot say at present the number of recruits we have got, as several said they had to give their employers notice, but the total will be very small, and, in my opinion, these recruiting marches are a dead letter. In a great many places I fancy we were taken for a press gang, from the way the men skulked on seeing us coming. Apparently there are plenty of young men in the countryside, but the only answers given for not coming in is they will come when they are fetched, ie, they are expecting conscription. It seems a great pity that this cannot be started at once, as I have no doubt as to the result. I am pleased to say that all ranks carried out the programme in an excellent spirit, and stood the marching very well;”

Workhouse Official’s Death: the death occurred on Sunday of Frederick George Allen, late Tramp Master of Worcester Workhouse, aged 61;

St. George’s Rummage Sale: The rummage sale, which takes place annually to help wipe off the debt on the new Parish Hall, was held in the Infant Schools today. In consequence, no doubt, of other pressing calls in connection with the war, the number of helpers and the receipts were not so large as in other years, but there was a good attendance and brisk selling, so that, in an hour, the stalls were absolutely cleared. Between £10 and £11 was realised;

Tragedy near Evesham: Old Man Killed by Boy: A man named Henry Holder, aged 60, employed by Mr. B. Bomford, on a farm at Harvington, near Evesham, was killed in a barn at Salford Lodge, Salford Priors, by a boy named John Ward, aged 14. It is stated that the boy took up a gun which was standing against the wall of the barn, and accidentally discharged it. Deceased, who was about ten yards away, was shot in the right side of the chest and killed.

Information researched by Sue Redding

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