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Key dates over April 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

15th April 1915 - Lady permitted to cross the sacred portals of a Buffalo Lodge for charity work

Rolling casualty count: 976

1st Batt: In Section 6. Relieved by 1/Sherwood Foresters. ‘B’ Coy then advanced to support Section 6; 2nd Batt: In the trenches at Festubert. A great deal of shelling in the village and all round our reserve Company billets. Battalion relieved by 2/H.L.I. at about 8pm. Marched into billets at Gorre as Brigade reserve;3rd Batt: In billets at La Clytte;

Recruiting has now commenced for the 3rd line Worcestershire Territorials, or the 2nd Reserves. About 560 men are wanted for the 8th, 300 for the Artillery, and 200 for the Yeomanry. For the last-named unit, shoeing-smiths are required, and men likely to make apt pupils will be trained;

Drunks: Thomas Myatt (49), a labourer of no fixed abode, was charged with being drunk in Church Street. P.C.Brooks gave evidence, and prisoner was fined 3s 6d. Albert Ernest Rayers (46), newsagent, of 14, Union Street, pleaded guilty to being found drunk in Friar Street. Inspector Mound said the prisoner was helpless. He was fined 5s.;

Property Sale: Mr Henry Coombes had a very successful sale at the Auction Mart, when he offered several lots of freehold properties and land, by order of Executors and others. There was a good attendance and the biddings were keen. The prices realised were considered most satisfactory. The result was as follows: No 1, Raglan Street, Barbourne, a double-fronted dwelling house with garden, sold for £270. ‘Rose Cottage, Gregory Mill Street, made £155. Nos. 27 & 29, Happy Land West, St. John’s, realised £270 and Nos. 7 & 9, Saunders Street, Barbourne, sold for £180;

A Unique Occasion: There was a very interesting gathering at a meeting of the “Sir Thomas Lawson” Lodge R.A.O.B at the Ewe and Lamb Hotel, on Tuesday evening . After the ordinary routine business the Lodge was thrown open for the purpose of making a presentation to Mrs. C. E. Firmstone, who earned the distinction of being the seller of the greatest number of tickets recently for the benefit of the Motor Ambulance and Poor Childrens’ Funds, no fewer than 54 books, or a total of 1,344. The presentation took the form of a pair of gloves and an antimony trinket box, bearing the inscription, “In appreciation. R.A.O.B., Mrs. C.E.Firmstone, 1915.” None of the elder generation of Buffaloes can recall an occasion when a lady has been permitted to cross the sacred portals of a Buffalo Lodge, so Mrs. Firmstone, in attending to receive the gifts, earned for herself a rare distinction;

A Forgetful Dog: Mary Eva Webb, of South Hayes, London Road, was fined for keeping a dog without a license. Mr. F. Webb said his daughter was ill in bed when the warning notice was received, and she forgot about it. The dog was an intelligent dog, but unfortunately did not jig her memory (Laughter.) Defendant was ordered to pay the costs, 13s.

Information researched by Sue Redding