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Key dates over April 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 2

8th April 1915 - Horses inspected as Worcestershire Yeomanry prepare for Near East

Rolling casualty count: 968

1st Batt: In trenches, trench howitzer used again with good effort. Draft of 20 men; 2nd Batt: In the trenches at Festubert. One company 17th London Territorials attached for instruction. Very quiet day and night;3rd Batt: In trenches at Dickebush;

Worcestershire Yeomanry: The Worcestershire Yeomanry, it is expected, will leave the East Coast on today or tomorrow. Their destination is believed to be the Near East. All the mounts have been inspected, and fresh horses substituted for those which were not considered fit to accompany the Regiment abroad, and the transport horses have been replaced by mules.

Worcester Cattle Market: 200 Store Cattle, including special Entries of Fresh Store 2-year-old Bullocks and Barrens; 13 Pedigree Shorthorn & Hereford Bulls; 20 Capital Rearing Calves from Mr. G. E. Checketts; Ewes & Lambs & Store Tegs. Bentley, Hobbs Mytton, Auctioneers;

Astwood Road Sewerage: An application was made on behalf of Mr. Hogg-Pashler and the purchasers of building land on Astwood Road for the drainage and other convenience for 18 houses erected there. The Engineer estimated that the cost of draining the added area in the Astwood Road district would be £1,967, and the Water and Sewerage Committee recommended the Council, subject to obtaining sanction for the loan, to carry out the work;

Kidderminster: Carpet Weavers’ Dispute: The Victoria Carpet Company at Kidderminster have intimated to the Carpet Weavers’ Association their readiness to replace a man on a loom, as requested by the Association, and to discuss other matters with the officers of the Association;

Information researched by Sue Redding

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