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Key dates over April 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 7

25th April 1915 - First landing at Gallipoli. British, French, Australian and New Zealand troops land on and around the Gallipoli peninsula in support of the naval attack on the Dardanelles. Fighting continues until January 1916.

Rolling casualty count: 988

1st Batt:In trenches Section 3. Slight German shelling, no damage done ; 2nd Batt: In billets at Bethune;3rd Batt: Relieved R. Irish Rifles in trenches E. Dickebush;

Princess Mary is 18 today. This means the attainment of her legal majority, and there would have been great rejoicing s in honour of the occasion if it had not been for the War. The King and Queen had intended to give a birthday ball at Buckingham Palace on a scale unprecedented at the British Court – a fancy –dress function, illustrating the most picturesque periods of British history. The Princess was also to have taken her formal place in society at a special Court to be held immediately after the birthday. Their Majesties, however, have dispensed with all State functions, and no exception can be made even for an event so notable in the Royal Family. The recognition of Princess Mary’s new state as a “grown-up” will probably be duly celebrated by her debut at a special Court after the War. Her Royal Highness has been very active in connection with war philanthropy. The next important step in her career will be a period of foreign travel, which will be taken as quickly as possible after the settlement of peace. Her marriage is also a subject for discussion in the not far distant future;

A member of the 8th Battalion, writing home, remarks that he has some washing to do, and is about to do it himself, for he adds: “We have to do without the ladies out here. We don’t do so badly, for our cooks made us some dumplings for dinner yesterday, and today the Sergeant made some pancakes . We are having plenty of fine weather lately, and the chaps are looking very well. I suppose you know that we have been in action. After that first lot of fun we had a rest – at any rate, they called it a rest. Now we are in action again. Generally, we have plenty to do – football and firing;”

An Unsuccessful Season: Worcester City’s record during the season just ended is a very poor one compared with that of last season. Out of the 35 matches they have played, they have lost 23, seven of these being at home. They have won nine matches, only one away, and have drawn three. They have scored in the whole of their matches 39 goals, and had scored against them 77. Of the 18 points they have secured in the League, 15 of them were obtained in home matches. These are the figures, and they fairly reflect the relative merits of the City’s play as compared with that of their opponents;

Dust in High Street: Sir, - May I ask through your paper why it is that the centre of the road in High Street is not watered during the dry weather? We are sadly troubled during the wet weather, owing to the deplorable state of the wooden blocks, but the clouds of dust caused by the motor traffic could and should be kept down, and so make it bearable for pedestrians, and also prevent our goods being damaged. High Street Ratepayer.

Information researched by Sue Redding