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Key dates over April 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 3

5th April 1915 - City beat the Wolves’ Reserves

Rolling casualty count: 964

1st Batt: Easter Monday in billets on Rue Bataille. Inter-platoon football match won by No 7 platoon, ‘B’ Coy; 2nd Batt: In billets at Essars until about 7pm when we marched and went into billets at Gorre in Brigade reserve;3rd Batt: In trenches E. Dickebush;

City beat the Wolves’ Reserves: The match between Worcester City and the “Wolves” Reserves produced some excellent football. From start to finish there was not a dull moment. The opening and close of the game were exceptionally interesting. It is probably the best match we have had at St. George’s Lane this season. The Goalkeeper, Hayes, played with extraordinary ability, saving shot after shot in fine style. At last the Wolves were guilty of a fatal error, and they had to suffer a penalty, from which Houghton easily scored, it proved to be the winning goal;

Soldier Absentee: Walter Buckle (47) a private of the 6th Worcs. Regt. Was charged with being an absentee. Defendant was handed over to an escort awaiting him;

Accident: A man, named James Runner, aged 42, sustained injuries to his right leg through a fall from his bicycle in Little London on Monday evening. P.C. Budd rendered assistance, and the man was taken to the Infirmary by motor car. His leg was fractured, and he was detained;

Railwaymen Soldiers’ Wives: Dear Sir, would you allow me space for a brief appeal? Of the large number of Worcester railwaymen who have joined the Colours, about 80 are married men, and my Committee are desirous of entertaining the wives of these men to tea, and a pleasant evening in the near future. We should be greatly obliged for any help your readers may be able to give, by sending donations in money or articles for the tea. Any amounts sent to the undersigned, or promises of goods, will be gratefully acknowledged, and notice given to subscribers of the date fixed for the entertainment. T. Berchey. Hon. Sec. Railway Mission.

Information researched by Sue Redding

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