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Lives lost on this day: 0

24th April 1915 - Abnormal Prices of English Meat

Rolling casualty count: 981

1st Batt: Returned to trenches relieving the 2/W.Yorks in Section 3; 2nd Batt: In billets at Bethune ;3rd Batt: In billets Dickebush;

Worcester Library and Museum Committee: The Librarian’s report stated that during the month there had been 22,000 visitors to the news room. From the lending department, 16,086 volumes had been issued. During the 72 days the exhibition of students’ work was open, 15,231 persons attended, as against 15,113 in 1914. The Curator reported that nine lectures had been delivered to 270 boys. The museum had been visited by 6,500 persons during the month;

Abnormal Prices of English Meat: The retail price of butchers’ meat, for many years, has never been so dear as it is today, and there is reason to believe that maximum price limit is not yet reached. The consignments to this country of imported meat show a substantial falling off, due largely, of course, to the heavy demands of the Allied armies, while the supply of cattle raised and fed in this country is wholly inadequate to the demand. Prime fed English meat is exceptionally dear, and no relief is in prospect. Wholesale rates are abnormally high, and retailed in the suburbs, best steak commands 1s.3d per lb, and English lamb 1s.3d. Foreign meat is naturally in big demand so that again the tendency of prices is sympathetic;

The Third Line Territorials, More Recruits Wanted: Good progress has been made in recruiting for the third line Worcestershire Territorial units, but more recruits are wanted, particularly in the 8th Battalion. The first line unit are already on foreign service, and the second line (1st Reserve) are undergoing war training. The third line (2nd Reserve) will not go to the war as complete units, but will act as feeders to the first and second lines, in the same way that the 5th and 6th Battalions feed the fighting Battalions (1st, 2nd and 3rd) at the front. During the past week 136 recruits were obtained for the six units, and 1,001 more men are required. The present strength of each unit is as follows: Yeomanry 61 (Establishment 200), R.F.A 150 (Est. 292), 7th Batt 489 (Est. 563), 8th Batt 216 (Est. 563), Trans & Supply Col. 13 (Est. 35), Mobile Vet Section 25 (Est. 25). The second line 7th is 83, and the 8th 85 short of establishment, and these figures have to be deducted from the recruits now in training;

Spring’s Messengers: In spite of the keen wind and white frost, the cuckoo’s note was heard this morning near Norton. Swallows and martins have put in a welcome appearance on the river by the locks. All the birds are late this season. The cuckoo and the swallow have arrived at Callow End.

Information researched by Sue Redding