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Key dates over April 1915

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Lives lost on this day: 4

13th April 1915 - 2/Lt Whittle killed about 11.30am making a sketch for machine guns emplacements

Rolling casualty count: 974

1st Batt: In Section 6. 2/Lt Whittle killed about 11.30am making a sketch for machine guns emplacements. A little shelling during the day, no damage done; 2nd Batt: In the trenches at Festubert. Village shelled a great deal during the day and at about 7pm. ‘A’ Coy relieved ‘C’ Coy in the breastworks ;3rd Batt: In billets at La Clytte;

Tybridge Street Trouble: Six schoolboys aged between 11 and 13, all of Tybridge Street, were summoned for ill-treating four ewes and five lambs, the property of Charles Warner in a field off the Bromwich Road. All the boys pleaded not guilty. P.C. Holmes stated that the defendants were chasing the sheep, riding on their backs, pulling their legs, and generally ill-treating them. Woodward struck one ewe on the head with a stick, and it fell as if stunned. The boys’ stories showed that they had ill-treated the sheep. Summers said that he had caught one ewe, but could not hold it (Laughter). Christian, who had been before the Court before was fined2s. The remainder were fined 1s. each;

Fatal Accident near Ledbury: Boy Falls Under Roller: A lad, aged 15 years, in the employ of Mr. Thompson, Temple Court Farm, Bosbury, was working with his employer on Friday morning rolling some land. Mr. Thompson turned from the lad to see to something else, and in a minute or two afterwards he heard a cry, and looking round saw that the roller had gone over the lad. Mr. Thompson ran to the boy, and found the injuries were so serious that there was no hope, and the lad expired in a very short time. The supposition is that the lad’s foot slipped, and falling on the ground, the roller went over him. An inquest will be held;

Cyclist fined: Archibald Tanner was charged with being drunk in charge of a motor cycle. P.C. Miller gave evidence. Mr. T.G. Dobbs, on behalf of the defendant, stated that defendant was unwell, and had a drop of brandy. The sparking plug of his machine failed, and when the constable saw defendant he had been pushing his bicycle, and was affected by the exertion. The Bench imposed a fine of £1.

Information researched by Sue Redding

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